A Deeper Focus


Ancient Grains

John DeRosierJohn DeRosier’s workshop, Ancient Grains, will explore the relationship between humans and grain that has developed over thousands of years. It was the growing of grain that allowed us to shift from a nomadic lifestyle to a settled one. Now we are more dependent on grain than ever but quality and production have changed. DeRosier will guide us through the evolution of grains and how, with awareness, we can incorporate them into our lives.

DeRosier has been interested in farming for years but has a passion for grains. He is in awe of the Earth and values our connection through farming. DeRosier’s farm, With the Grain, is Certified Organic and Demeter Certified Biodynamic and specializes in the growing and research of heirloom grains. He uses the grain to make fresh products in his certified commercial kitchen and distributes through his grain CSA (Community Supported Agriculture program). In addition, he lectures and teaches about agriculture and won the 2010 Know Your Farmer Award. We often focus on growing organic produce but DeRosier brings our attention to grain and the importance of protecting heirloom varieties.

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