A Deeper Focus


Assemblymember Bill Monning drops in to introduce keynote speaker

As it turns out, CCBioneers keynote speaker Dr. Richard Jackson and Assemblymember and State Senate candidate Bill Monning worked together on pesticide regulation and legislation in the 1980’s. Mr. Monning was able to make room in his busy schedule to introduce Dr. Jackson to a full house Friday night, Oct. 19 at the Monday Club, and to stay for some entertaining conversation after. Dr. Jackson made his case for city planning and design reform with powerful statistics showing the alarming increase in everything from diabetes to anti-depressant prescriptions since the rise of our isolated and vehicle-centric neighborhoods in the 1950s. While most people focus on the transportation and air quality issues, Dr. Jackson explained the direct relationship between community design and physical and mental health of adults and children. His comprehensive book Making Healthy Places, is available through our conference bookstore Volumes of Pleasure in Los Osos.

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