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Bill McKibben launches new organization “Third Act” at Bioneers

Bill McKibben’s 2021 National Bioneers Conference keynote talk will be featured at the 2022 Central Coast Bioneers Conference on February 26.  A longtime climate advocate and founder of 350.org, McKibben feels the climate fight should not be left to Indigenous people and youth to wage alone.  It’s time for baby boomers and the “silent generation” to step up and get involved at a higher level.  McKibben  points out that Americans his age and older have a large share of the country’s financial assets, have time on their hands, and have a tendency to vote in high numbers, giving them political power that could be used to put greater pressure on legislators.  He has launched a new organization just for these folks called Third Act and speaks about how intergenerational collaboration can deepen the fight for a fairer, more stable planet.  Come and hear McKibben’s message at the Central Coast Bioneers Conference, Saturday, February 26 from 9-4 at the San Luis Obispo Guild Hall.  For more information and to register, click here.

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