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Cal Poly students runners up in Biomimicry design challenge

On October 20, the Third Annual Biomimicry Global Design Challenge Ray of Hope prizes were awarded at the 2018 National Bioneers Conference.  Those of us in attendance from the Central Coast were thrilled to see a team from Cal Poly in the running.  Their invention, a CO2 Extractor, was a runner up in the competition.

extrACTION was founded by Kristin Fauske, Anna Laird, and Megan Hanck, all recent Cal Poly graduates.  The CO2 Extractor is designed to draw air and water through the device to capture carbon dioxide and create a carbon-rich product that can be used as a liquid fertilizer.  “Our team is finding innovative solutions to pollution extraction through our combined understanding of biomimicry, sustainability, and our potential for direct air capture technology to help with carbon drawdown,” explains Megan.  “We used nature’s unifying patterns to refine our design and continually look to using the biomimicry design process to help shape our design thinking and prototype functionality and form.”

The team came across the biomimicry contest through The Biomimicry Institute’s website and seized the opportunity to make an impact at mitigating climate change by developing a product that helps with carbon drawdown.  extraction is now looking to grants like the Fertilizer Research Education Program to complete tech validation and complete its next prototype.

Those who have a love for nature, a desire for healthy future generations, and a yearning for a safe environment in the future should invest in climate change mitigation and the removal of excess atmospheric carbon dioxide to help heal and protect our planet.  Kudos to the extrACTION team for working to do just that.

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