Carrizo Plain Photo Contest Winners

2022 Photo Contest Winners

Fauna Category:

1st Place Ferruginous Hawk – Robin Agarwal

Robin photographed a not often seen raptor out in the Carrizo. Action always gives an edge to a wildlife photo. If you can capture in flight or other natural behavior, you have a winning shot. This was taken in beautiful light, is very sharp, and on a clean clear background.

2nd Place Lone Raven – Rick Derevan

Ricks portrait of a Raven is masterfully created. It’s hard to expose for those black areas and retain such nice detail. Great bokeh, composition, and nice clean background isolates the subject and makes for a beautiful photo.

3rd  Badger digging – Marlin Harms

A rare sighting of this American Badger captures the essence of one of the many wild animals that call the Carrizo home. Nice burrow building behavior photographed here with a sweet catchlight in the eye, Marlin!

Flora Category:

1st Place Natures Palette Panorama – Marlin Harms

Marlin captured the iconic photo that showcases the spectacular draw of the Carrizo during a rare spring super bloom. This image demonstrates the amazing palette of colors that appear on the Temblor range on the east side of the Carrizo Plains during one of these rare botanical phenomena.

2nd Place Phacelia and cracks – Joshua Simas

Joshua captured the harsh realities of the Carrizo plains in this stunning image of Phacelia and desiccation cracks. Life continues in the harsh and dry environment of the Carrizo and this image showcases the contrast between the two. Reminds me of the craquelure of varnish on a painting as it dries and ages.

3rd Place Tumbleweed in Morning Light – Lars Mikkelsen

Lar’s image shows the beauty of the Carrizo in non-super bloom years. The elegance and subtle allure of a simple tumble weed draws your eyes into the photo, supported by a large depth of field, your eyes are drawn deeply into the image.

Open Category:

1st Place Old Thrasher – Elaine Calvert

This photo by Elaine has it all. While nighttime images of the Carrizo plains are a dime a dozen and it’s hard to capture an image that stands out from all the rest, Elaine has done just that. With the Comet and the setting moon and the old thrasher in the foreground Elain captured a once in a lifetime image. Just spectacular!

2nd Selby Rocks Sunrise  – Cathy Wallace

Cathy Wallace’s use of soft diffused light and mountain layers created depth in this beautiful pastel landscape using the Selby formation as a foreground element. This is a wonderful photo showing the beauty of the Carrizo in a non-super bloom year.

3rd Place Old Granaries in the Carrizo – Cheryl Strahl

Cheryl captures the expanse of the Carrizo in this stunning image of old granaries from time gone by. She does a wonderful job of showing the vastness, big sky, and ageless beauty of this grasslands area.

Categories: Flora, Fauna, Open.
Prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in each Category
Prize Monies: $100 first, $50 second, $25 third, in each category
Winners will also receive a 12×18 print of their winning image, for display at a reception in the Costa Gallery in Los Osos.

Entry Fee: $5 per entry
3 entries max, per person
Digital Image submissions must be no larger than 3MB in size.
Winners will be asked to submit an 8MB image for printing.

Name your Digital Image File with the TITLE of the work. Do not include your name in the file-naming.

Meet Your Judges

Donald Quintana is a professional Award-winning nature and wildlife photographer, conservation visual storyteller, and a certified California Naturalist based in Los Osos, California. He has been published in Natures Best, Audubon awards, The Environmental Defense Fund, High Country News, and has a children’s book called “It’s Nice to Be a Kit Fox” By Hayday Books in Berkeley, CA amongst other publications. He leads photo tours to various locations and gives presentations to nature based associations and organizations.

Brittany App is a professional photographer & filmmaker. Director & Producer of “Where There Once Was Water”. She’s a storyteller, a voice artist, and a self-proclaimed shepherdess-in-training. She lives off the grid in the remote Carrizo Plain – with her Great Pyrenees dogs, a gaggle of duck ducks, and a rag-tag wooly crew of sheep and alpacas. /

Michael Costa is a photographer and has had his work featured in various galleries in California. Costa Gallery features local artists, as well as artists throughout the state of California. There are currently over 20 artists represented in the gallery.

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