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CCB Conference Meals: Full of Life Flatbread

Not only is this year’s CCB Conference expected to be extremely lively, the food served has won awards for its exceptional quality. Full of Life FlatbrFull of Life Flatbreadead, hailing from Los Alamos, will provide meals during all three days of the conference. Chef and owner, Clark Staub, sources all his ingredients from within a 300-mile radius of the bakery.

“Our focus is sustainability,” events coordinator Maura Alpers explained, “we work with mostly independent family farms and everything is handmade.”

Full of Life Foods will bring their portable wood burning ovens to the CCB Conference and offer a variety of omnivore, vegetarian and vegan items, including heirloom tomato gazpacho, tomato and watermelon salad, Rinconada Dairy roasted chicken salad, Happy Canyon Grass Fed beef salad and, of course, their signature flatbreads.

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