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Central Coast Bioneers local workshops finalized

Two tracks of local workshops will take place on Saturday, October 25 at the Central Coast Bioneers Conference.   In upcoming E-Newsletters we will feature an amazing lineup of talent who will challenge your thinking and welcome you to a larger world.

Charming Evelyn

Charming Evelyn, Chair of the Water Committee for Sierra Club California, will provide us with some choices for a Clean, Sustainable and Reliable Water Supply: Alternatives to the Giant Bay Delta Tunnels. While California needs a statewide water policy, the Bay-Delta Conservation Plan promoted by Jerry Brown’s administration as the cure-all for the state’s water problems is not the answer. The Plan would create a costly pair of giant tunnels to divert Delta-bound water directly from the Sacramento River, and accelerate the decline of the largest estuary on the West Coast. Sierra Club California has found better ways to address California’s water challenges, improving water independence and reducing environmental impacts  Come and join this very important conversation.

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