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Craigslist Foundation Intensive

Ecologistics/Central Coast Bioneers CEO Stacey Hunt traveled to San Francisco on June 2nd to attend the Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp. In its eighth year, the annual boot camp is an intensive one-day conference gathering people interested in strengthening their communities and neighborhoods.  Also in attendance was upcoming CCB speaker and Collaboration Soup author Paula Vigneault.

“This was my first time at the conference,” Hunt said, “and I would definitely recommend it to any non-profit organization or community leader. It was not only inspirational, but there was a lot of really useful information provided by the speakers.”

Aimee Allison, former host of KPFA’s Morning Program spoke about the “new normal.” How life has forever shifted due to economic inequality, decline, and global climate change. Her powerful message was that no help is coming from Washington; rather communities must become self-sufficient and resilient to weather the storm.

Workshops during the conference included sessions on collaboration techniques, fundamentals of community and organization impact, working with local governments, and building storytelling skills to raise awareness and interest in one’s cause.

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