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Dreaming the Salinas

Once again Ecologistics, Inc. will feature two workshops at the Central Coast Bioneers Conference addressing our Dreaming the Salinas Campaign, which was kicked off at the 2011 conference. The first will feature a panel of Cal Poly professors and experts who were hired to perform a study of the Hind River Ranch, located on the upper Salinas River. The team performed an extensive GIS study of the property, gathering data to create an ecosystem management plan for the ranch owners. Their findings, including the impacts that man-made changes were making on the river, will be showcased. This workshop will also provide fascinating insight into how GIS can create a common language to share and understand information.

In the Salinas River, water quality and how to manage land uses to prevent its degradation continue to be hot topics for all stakeholders, including farmers, cities, conservationists, recreational users, and federal, state and local regulatory agencies. The second workshop will feature discussion on new regulations affecting discharges into the Salinas River and how stakeholders can work together to develop reasonable ecological practices to meet food production goals and conserve habitat and endangered species. Farming and natural resource management experts will be on hand to frame outstanding water quality issues and report on recent discussions among stakeholders to continue the dialogue and foster ideas for reasonable multi-beneficial alternatives.

The workshops will begin at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 21 at the Monday Club. For more information about the Dreaming the Salinas Campaign and the two workshops, go to www.dreamingthesalinas.org.

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