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Ecologistics holds 3rd annual Sponsored Organizations Summit

Fiscal sponsorship by Ecologistics has grown from its first organization, Carrizo Plains Conservancy in 2013, to 27 busy nonprofit organizations.  In an effort to encourage networking and collaboration, Ecologistics began holding an annual Summit of its sponsored organizations in 2017.  This year’s summit was held on July 10 at the Copeland Pavilion Auditorium.  Ten of our organizations were able to join us for great food from All Seasons Aloha Catering.  We were fortunate to have some great speakers this year.  Len Smolburd from the Community Foundation talked about grant opportunities from his organization.  Bob Shanbrom and Eva Fina from The Coastal Awakening also talked about projects they would be willing to fund (both Ecologistics and R.A.C.E. Matters have received funds).  Sarah Maggelet talked about her new business providing part-time contract Executive Director services to small nonprofits who can’t afford a full-time person.  And Consuelo Meux talked about the many valuable services offered by Spokes for Nonprofits, a San Luis Obispo-based nonprofit support center.

So much great work is going on in this county that never gets reported by the media.  If you are looking for a group to join who can use your volunteer services, or if you simply want to learn more about these great organizations, we invite you to see the list here.

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