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Ecologistics welcomes Low Carbon Power


Ecologistics is now the proud fiscal sponsor of Taiwan-based nonprofit Low Carbon Power.  LowCarbonPower’s purpose is to advocate for all low-carbon technology without bias, primarily by cataloging every country in the world’s energy use through a carbon lens and then utilizing tech tools to compare country analytics. By doing so, they can draw new and underrepresented audiences into the carbon dialogue and inspire debate and policy shift.  For example, China’s increase in carbon-based energy use from 2019 to 2021 accounted for all global increases in carbon emissions in the heat and power sector during that time. This despite the fact that the country is highly committed to carbon reduction, and public opinion (98.5 percent) supports energy shift.  Low Carbon Power recognized that part of the disconnect between policy, support and action in places like China is that stakeholders have limited analytical capacity. Climate data regarding energy is mostly siloed and inaccessible to a general

audience, and it is all in English as a base language, from a Western perspective. Low Carbon Power is changing this paradigm by aggregating the best data and creating accompanying analytics in underserved languages. Its goals are to increase public awareness of existing low-carbon energy

deployments and to increase support across stakeholder networks for further decarbonization based on proven technologies. Expected outcomes are measurable policy shifts and increased public support for decarbonization in emerging economies across the world.

Ecologistics is glad to support Low Carbon Power’s work.  For more information, check out their web site.  https://lowcarbonpower.org/

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