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Economics of Happiness Conference to be held in Berkeley in March

Those of you who attended the screening of The Economics of Happiness at the Central Coast Bioneers Conference remember filmmaker Helen Norberg-Hodge’s examination of the destructive qualities inherent in the corporate-controlled market economy. The film has now been shown at hundreds of venues in over twenty countries.

To build on the momentum, the International Society for Ecology and Culture is hosting the Economics of Happiness Conference from March 23-25 in Berkeley. Featuring Vandana Shiva, Annie Leonard, Richard Heinberg, Anduradha Mittal, Manish Jain, Sulak Sivaraksa and Helena Norberg-Hodge, the conference will explore ways of building a new economic system, drawing inspiration from many international grassroots initiatives.The film has already set the stage for an international dialogue about localization and attendees so far are coming from the U.S., Europe, Australia, Bhutan and Burma.

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