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Environmentalists need to vote like NRA members


That’s the goal of Environmental Voter Project founder Nathaniel Stinnett, referring to the ability of the National Rifle Association to mobilize its members to vote for gun rights politicians.   Stinnett, a political advisor and campaign consultant, recognized that although a majority of people do care about the environment and climate change, they don’t make their voices heard in the polls.

Ecologistics participated with other nonprofits in getting out the green vote in the 2018 election.  If you attended the 2018 Central Coast Bioneers Conference you were asked to sign the Environmental Voter Project’s pledge to vote for green initiatives.

Thanks to the help of its grassroots supporters, the Environmental Voter Project’s 2018 Impact Report shows that the number of voters it contacted increased by 709% over 2017.  They added 58,961 new environmental voters to the midterm election across six states.  Since its launch EVP has created 93,423 consistent environmental super voters who vote in local, state and federal elections.  To date, 11 of the candidates running in the 2020 presidential election have made climate change a priority.  Our elected officials won’t hear us unless we make a lot of noise.  More information at the Environmental Voter Project web site.

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