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First Citizens Congress to be held at the Cliffs Resort in Pismo Beach

The Citizens Congress is a non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer group of concerned citizens whose goal is the restore equality in democracy through campaign finance reform. Citizens Congress 2014, to be held June 2-5 at the Cliffs Resort, will be the first national gathering of legislators, scholars, and public advocacy groups who are working to combat the corrupting influence of money in the American political system.

This ambitious effort is headed up by Director William Ostrander. The agenda includes discussions about a Constitutional amendment, legislative options, public financing, regulatory agencies, parameters for higher ethical standards and goal setting. Participants will be invited to put their ideas forward, discuss strengths and weaknesses and reach for solutions.

Citizens Congress will provide follow through after the event such as engaging Congressional leaders to sponsor proposed legislation, putting out for the public a “litmus” test of fundraising standards to which they will hold their candidates, promoting integration of the reform legislation agreed to in the Congress into candidates’ platforms and providing a video of the Congress for civics classes across the country.

The bulk of the program starts June 3 and the cost is $100 per day or $250 for all three days. However, there is a free opening night community discussion with national advocates of campaign finance reform on June 2 at 7:00 at Spanos Theater entitled “Money in Politics:  What Could Go Wrong?”  Guest speakers will be Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig, Washington D.C. Attorney Trevor Potter, Pulitzer Prizewinning Author Hedrick Smith and Citizens Congress Director William Ostrander.

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