Ecologistics Sponsored Organizations / Projects

Ecologistics currently acts as the fiscal sponsor for the organizations and projects listed below.

Biodiversity First!

The mission of Biodiversity First! is “to preserve and protect the wild lands and species upon which we depend for our own physical and spiritual survival.”

Biodiversity First! formed in response to shared concern over loss of the last remaining critical habitats and connective corridors used by a plethora of endangered species in our western desert and grasslands throughout North America. Segmentation caused by development in sensitive habitats has threatened the extinction of many of these species and has limited their ability to migrate.

Carrizo Colloquium

The Carrizo Colloquium is a one-day gathering of scientists, educators, journalists, citizens and community leaders who are concerned about the conservation and protection of the Carrizo Plain. Topics include Carrizo Plain flora and fauna, climate change effects, and wildlife corridors.

Anacortes Center for Happiness – Happiness Sprinkling Project

The Happiness Sprinkling Project is a grassroots movement to spread joy, kindness, and happiness. People gather in their communities wearing bright yellow and holding signs with encouraging messages for passersby like “You Have Enough,” “Life Is Good,” and “You Are The Good News.”

The Anacortes Center for Happiness is one of the first social purpose corporations based in Washington State. Its mission is to “provide joy, growth, connection and kindness to its patrons and anyone associated with it, as well as to the local, state, national and world community.” The Center offers art classes, workshops, counseling, meditation, and is home to the Happiness Sprinkling Project.

Central Coast Coalition for Inclusive Schools

The Central Coast Coalition for Inclusive Schools actively supports  the development of safe and affirming school communities. We strive to celebrate diversity, advocate for social justice, and transform educational cultures by empowering youth, families, professionals, and organizations.

Central Coast Coalition for Undocumented Student Success

The mission of CCC-USS is to create social change to ensure educational equity for all students, and to build capacity to support undocumented students in the Central Coast region.

Economics of Being a Woman Program

Economics of Being a Woman offers Financial Education Programs for Women, Men, Students, Youth, Seniors, Families, Businesses + Nonprofits.

Four Elements Organics

Four Elements Organics is for-profit organic farm in the mountains of San Luis Obispo, CA that is establishing a non- profit education center.

They envision providing opportunities for families and youth to connect with nature and make a positive impact. The education center will offer classes on variety of subjects including permaculture, food farming, growing medicinal herbs, bird watching, and wild land and stream restoration.


Bob Banner’s purpose in publishing HopeDance online is to report on the outrageous, pioneering and inspiring activities of outstanding individuals and organizations who are creating a new world—regardless of their spiritual tradition or political agenda.

HopeDance’s intention is to help connect people to specific projects, individuals, and organizations for the benefit of the people, plants, animals and land in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties…and beyond.

Oceano Beach Community Association

The Oceano Beach Community Association (OBCA) is a coalition of residents and business owners working together to create positive change for Oceano. The OBCA’s mission is to make Oceano a more livable, accessible and beautiful community.

One Global Democracy

Peter Schurman is an advocate for world peace through a single, globally inclusive democracy.

He founded One Global Democracy with the intent of building a movement calling for the elimination of militarized international borders and a transition to a single, global democracy.

Paso Robles Food Cooperative

The Paso Food Co-op is building a thriving community by maximizing abundance, access, and affordability of fresh, healthy, and local food.  The Co-op fosters dynamic opportunities and positive solutions through celebration, cooperation, education, and interaction.  The Paso Food Co-op is starting a cooperative grocery store in North San Luis Obispo County.  Its current activities consist of educating the community about the benefits of cooperative businesses and recruiting member-owners to start the store.  Donated funds will be primarily expended to support the Co-op’s educational efforts through the printing of informational materials, refreshments for informational booths and events, and other costs related to informing the public about food cooperatives.

Peace Academy of the Sciences and Arts

The Peace Academy of the Sciences and Arts is a program designed to create holistic, real-world experiences in an eco-friendly and robust learning environment with the most comprehensive standards in the sciences, humanities and the arts. The founders of the Peace Academy aspire to continue this program through 12th grade, graduating students who are global citizens, stewards of the environment, and peace leaders for our world.  

Protect Scenic 101

Protect Scenic 101 is dedicated reducing advertising clutter and enhancing the scenic view along Highway 101 by facilitating retiring billboards within the Highway 101 view corridor in the unincorporated areas of San Luis Obispo County, CA.

Quick Pickle Kit

Quick Pickle Kit is a Safe, Quick, Simple + Natural to make pickles that are ready to enjoy in just a few days.  This 100% woman-owned corporation offers schools + nonprofits a healthy fundraising tool and provides jobs for adults with disabilities.

R.A.C.E. Matters

Launched in August of 2016, R.A.C.E. Matters SLO County aims to engage the community of SLO County in matters of racial justice through dialogues, workshops, and direct action. We are a group of volunteers who envision a community where people of color and other marginalized groups feel safe, included, and heard.  Our steering committee consists of founding members who guide the organization and are currently developing curriculum and programming. The group has hosted dialogues and workshops for the general public, classes at Cal Poly, and for staff at Cuesta College.

SLO Clean Water Action

SLO Clean Water Action is an all-volunteer community grassroots organization dedicated to passing a rights-based ordinance in San Luis Obispo County, CA ensuring the preservation and protection of our right to clean water.

SLO Clean Water Action’s ultimate goal is a ban on fracking in the State of California.

SLO Guild Hall

SLO Guild Hall has a mission to be sustainable in regard to water harvesting, ground water aquifer recharge, passive conditioning of our hall, 100% electrical generation on site and appropriate landscape design. SLO Guild Hall Sustainability was formed to support efforts to upgrade the SLO Guild Hall to meet these sustainability goals.

The Peace Project

The Peace Project is the creation of artist David Settino Scott. David envisions “forming a cultural space with a broad definition of peace—encompassing social justice, equality, human rights, civil rights, and environmental responsibility.”

David intends to build a permanent home and sanctuary for his collection of sculptures commemorating the sacrifice of Buddhist monks during the Vietnam War with the goal of creating a greater awareness of the need for peace.

Upper Salinas-Las Tablas Resource Conservation District

The Upper Salinas-Las Tablas Resource Conservation District (US-LT RCD) formed in 1951 to provide technical assistance, education and resources to assist agricultural, rural, and urban communities to preserve soil, water, air, plants, and animals while supporting sustainable land productivity in greater San Luis Obispo County and parts of Kern and Monterey Counties.

Where Once There Was Water

Where There Once Was Water” is a feature-length documentary film about the California water crisis, focusing on ecological solutions and holistic management approaches to restoring and repairing our broken water cycle. Directed by local photographer & filmmaker Brittany App, this film takes a deep dive into Indigenous knowledge around the sacredness of water, contrasted with our prevalent out-of-sight-out-of-mind approach to interacting with our water here in the United States.  California is used as a case study for discussing water scarcity issues worldwide, and solutions are presented that may help us avoid a global catastrophe.  But the call to action is clear… If we want a future in which there is clean water for all life, we must act.  And we must act now.