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Forest People trees to be displayed at Art After Dark

Our art feature at this year’s conference is Forest People, a creation of artists Carol Paulsen and Stephen Plowman. Four schools, Outside Now Nature Academy, Atascadero High, Big Sur Charter School and Children’s House Montessori in Atascadero are participating. Each student is building a tree his or her height using everyday materials that have been repurposed or scavenged. The trees will be combined to create a forest on the grounds of the Monday Club and will be on display throughout the conference. The students are learning not only recycling during this project, but also about trees, the imagery of trees in novels, poetry and cultural legends and the local species of trees that grace our Central Coast. The project is being sponsored by MidAmerican Solar.

Come see a preview of the Forest People trees on Friday, October 5 at the following locations during Art After Dark: –  HumanKind Fair Trade, 982 Monterey St., Steynberg Gallery, 1531 Monterey St., and Frame Works, 339 Marsh.

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