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Introducing our newest sponsored organization, Bright Ice Initiative

Hi, I’m Dr. Leslie Field, Founder and CEO of Bright Ice Initiative, Inc. We’re building on a decade-plus of work that started when I learned from “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006, the importance of the ice-albedo feedback loop that is accelerating climate change. As bright reflective ice melts, we lose the historic icy shield we’ve had that historically has safely reflected incoming sunlight back into space. This ice loss accelerates global warming by a factor of about 1.5, which accelerates damage from many factors – changing and unstable weather patterns, more floods, fires, stronger storms, and rising sea levels, wreaking havoc on people, food security, our fellow species, and ecosystems.

As a PhD Engineer and inventor, I got to work.  We have a solution that we’ve demonstrated through rigorous testing in the lab and on a small pond, can preserve ice. We’ve worked with climate modelers who can take those small-scale results and predict what could be done to protect specific critical areas of ice in the world.

Today, it’s even more apparent how urgent work for the climate is. In the Himalayas, water supply is at risk from the melt, for over 1 billion people.  And in the meantime, massive floods have hit Pakistan, and now Florida, in a dreadful illustration that climate change is not just a concern for the future – it is now upon us.

Bright Ice Initiative is building an all-star team and international collaborations to get our important work done, through sharing our work with the scientific world, and through collaborative work in some of the regions  most affected now.

We’re not only about the technical work though.  We’re also working to build awareness of climate challenges and the possibility to do something about them, and doing some fundraising, through a Climate Benefit Concert to Save our Glaciers that will be livestreamed during COP27 in November.  We’re gathering recordings from headline stars around the world, and some of our team members are doing some performing of our own, for this upcoming 6-day livestreamed event. As Emcees and Keynotes, we have respected leaders and broadcasters, and some of the most expert and beloved polar and climate researchers in the world, recording key interviews with our team, as these experts help teach the world the importance of saving and restoring ice.

We are so thankful that Stacey Hunt, Ecologistics, and you, are joining forces in this important work to protect preserve and restore our beautiful home planet and all the beings and ecosystems that we love and depend on.

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