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Introducing SLO Review

On October 11, SLO County’s online connection to arts and culture went live.

SLOReview.org publishes feature articles, reviews of local productions and exhibits, commentary on creative expression, and opportunities for everyone to explore their personal relationship with arts and culture.

Please take a moment to check it out. Become a subscriber (it’s free!) to receive weekly emails that summarize recent content posted to the site, a curated list of recommendations related to local arts and culture, previews of upcoming articles, and recent “transitions” noting new employees and board members at local organizations.

There’s a lot to explore on the website, which features the use of Categories and Tags that are assigned to each posted item, and that appear in menus on the home page and in the right-hand column of most pages.

We are lucky to have assembled within a relatively short period of time a small group of seasoned contributing writers (check out our Contributors page) as well as a first-rate Advisory Board. Our newest member is Julie Lynem, whose name you will recognize as a leader of R.A.C.E. Matters SLO. Other board members are listed on our About page.

As of November 4, we have more than 70 items posted, with the number growing every day. Just two of our recent pieces: a review of Festival Mozaic’s October 2 concert written by musician and composer Craig Russell, and the pros and cons of Proposition 28, the Art and Music K-12 Education Funding Initiative on the ballot this month.

An “Opportunities” page lists an ever-growing number of ways to create, learn, apply (for grants or other funding), or find employment or volunteer opportunities.

Local organizations are sending us their news releases and photos, and more writers are coming on board every day. Here’s one review we’ve received that mirrors other comments we have received:

“The website looks absolutely fantastic, and we’re so grateful to have a steady stream of quality art criticism in SLO. . . Thanks so much for your support and for making this happen- it’s SO important!” ~ Managing Artistic Director Kevin Harris, SLO Repertory Theatre

–Charlotte Alexander

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