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Local CCBioneers workshop to examine the impacts of investing

Marco Vangelisti

Tying in with Naomi Klein’s presentation we will have an afternoon workshop on Saturday, October 24 with Marco Vangelisti, a Fulbright scholar in mathematics and economics who left a position managing investment equity portfolios for large foundations and endowments to form and develop the Slow Money Northern California chapter. In his talk on Investing for the World We Want, Marco will address the difficult question of what role our retirement investments play in shaping our world. Is the safety in retirement promised by the return on our investments undermined by what those same investments are financing? In today’s global and highly intermediated financial system we are profoundly disconnected from the impact our investments have on communities and ecosystems around the world. A former insider of the financial industry, Marco will tell us the story of his personal journey from conventional finance to regenerative investing and explains the historical importance of becoming aware of our agency in the world expressed through our investments. We will look at the four trends reshaping the future of investing and how communities at the forefront of these trends are increasing their local economic resilience by re-localizing their investments. Check out one of Marco’s blog posts, Investing and the Disappearing of the Sacred.

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