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New addition to conference schedule – Carlos Castaneda’s Tensegrity®

Tensegrity Cover

Carlos Castaneda taught that if the human organism could balance itself physically as well as energetically, then the doors to enhanced perception and interconnectivity with all of life would open: a consequence of which could be the creation of systems and communities that enhanced all members and excluded none.  Borrowing the term ‘Tensegrity’ from Buckminster Fuller, who used it to describe the use of natural function and structure in engineering, Castaneda thought it the perfect description for the shamanic experience as well.  Billing themselves “The Original Biomimics,” Tensegrity instructors Renata Murez and Teo Alfaro with guide us through a purely experiential meeting – after a brief lecture, audience participation in movements of the Saber-toothed Cat, giving silence and expanded awareness, will ensue so that those attending will have the opportunity to say, “Yes, indeed, I carry a shaman inside.” A selection of Castaneda’s books will be available for purchase at our conference bookstore, Volumes of Pleasure.

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