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Oceano Beach Community Association comes aboard

Ecologistics is pleased to introduce the Oceano Beach Community Association as our newest sponsored organization.  OBCA was founded in February 2018 to create positive change for the community of Oceano, California.  Oceano is an economically and environmentally disadvantaged community, which is a federally-designated Opportunity Zone.  OBCA president Cynthia Replogle wants OBCA to focus on three main areas – liveability, accessibility and beautification.  “Some of the things we are looking at are establishing parklets and community gardens, multimodal pathways, safe beach and park access, public art and a beautiful yard contest,” Cynthia says.  The long term goals are to create a sense of belonging and pride for Oceano residents, protect and celebrate the historical character of the town, and enforce environmental and economic justice for the community.

“In 2013, the County of San Luis Obispo completed the Oceano Revitalization Plan,” Cynthia points out, “yet here we are five years later and few of its recommendations have been brought to life.   Oceano continues to look like a dumpy town best seen from the window of a passing car en route to more inviting Pismo Beach.”

With fiscal sponsorship from Ecologistics, OBCA will be able to apply for grants only available to charitable organizations and will be able to accept tax-deductible donations.  We are delighted to be able to help the citizens of Oceano create the beautiful change they deserve.

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