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Plenary Speaker: Natalia Greene

One of the plenary speakers that will be streamed in live on Saturday from the Marin Bioneers is an exciting talk by climate change activist Natalia Greene. Born in Ecuador but educated in the U.S., Greene has been part of a monumental victory for nature. In 2008 she was a key figure in the creation of the “Rights to Nature” clause in the Ecuadorian Constitution. This is the first time nature has been awarded legal rights, allowing people to sue on nature’s behalf in courts. This is a milestone in history. In 2010 the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature formed, pressing for the universal acceptance of Nature, which possesses the right to “exist, flourish, and evolve.”

Natalia was a political science graduate from Hampshire College, received her masters from FLACSCO Ecuador, and a degree from Andina University on climate change. She is the Political Program Coordinator at Fundacion Pachamama. Though we won’t have Greene with us in person at this yea’s conference we are thrilled to watch her talk streamed in live on Saturday morning.

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