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Plenary Speaker: Roxanne Brown

Roxanne Brown is a key player in the movement to promote more and greener jobs. Her talk, Blue and Green: Working Together to Secure a Sustainable Future, will discuss the essential collaboration between labor unions and the environmental community. In working together, this powerful movement moves us in the direction of energy independence, creates secure, sustainable jobs for workers, and decreases climate change effects.

Roxanne BrownBrown is the Assistant Legislative Director for the United Steelworkers (USW) and is on the Steering Committee of the Blue Green Alliance. A partnership between USW and the Sierra Club, the Alliance is a movement began in Michigan to create new, quality, and green jobs that strengthen the economy and protect the environment, that will pay a living wage, and ultimately drive the 21st century global economy. Aptly named, the Alliance’s national grassroots campaign is called Jobs 21! Brown is one of five lobbyists in USW’s Legislative Office in Washington D.C. where she does lobbying and advocacy work to support the health of our environment and reform labor law.

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