Eco-Poetics & Earth Activist Protest Songwriting Workshop, Oct 22nd 2016, 11AM-2PM

at the  Rancho El Chorro Retreat and Conference Center,   2450 Pennington Creek Rd., SLO


Together, we will holistically integrate our dreams, emotions, thoughts, ideas and visions into poetry and song. Through a series of heartfelt activities, we will emerge with both individual and collectively created songs in the theme of environmental activism, social justice, and the ideal world we wish to live in. This three hour workshop will take us on a journey of connection, discovery, collaboration and expression. Whether you’re a seasoned songwriter or a first-timer, this workshop is for you. This will be a safe space for genuine, raw and meaningful creativity to flow through. Please spread the word, bring a friend, and join in!.

By donation, suggested $10-$20. No one turned away due to lack of funds. (Click here to register)


Bloom (Robin Liepman) is a permaculture designer, event/project organizer, earth activist musician ( and new paradigm pollinator. His soul’s purpose is to actively re-weave the dream of the modern world into a vibrant, harmonious, regenerative and equanimous existence, and to help both aspiring and seasoned change-makers live at their optimal potential. Bloom was born in San Luis Obispo, California, went to University of California Santa Cruz with a degree in Psychology and Cognitive Science,  and then began traveling the world, starting in Central America, contributing to transformational festivals, conferences, and  permaculture farms. He then went on a spiritual pilgrimage through Peru and Bolivia, re-visited Costa Rica, and then went to Vancouver Island in Canada for his Permaculture Design Course/Earth Activist Training with Starhawk and friends. Bloom then co-founded and co-organized the “Blooming Biodiversity” permaculture tour (, which in the Fall of 2015, toured the North American West Coast with a team called “Solutionary Productions.” It was a journey of healing the world through holistic integrative permaculture activations worldwide. The tour has taken him to Hawaii, to Peru, where he was planting gardens and working with Shipibo children through the Arkana Alliance organization, and currently back to the U.S. West Coast.

Bloom is dedicated to co-creating solutions to global challenges, and actively actualizing avenues for vibrant existance to unfold.