A Deeper Focus


Rebecca Moore a featured Bioneers plenary speaker at the 2018 conference

Google Earth Outreach founder and visionary engineer Rebecca Moore says the signs are all around us, telling us that our life-support systems are in critical condition, and only recently has it become possible to monitor the health of Earth’s life-sustaining resources in a manner both globally consistent and locally relevant. She’s showing how satellite data, cutting-edge science and powerful cloud computing technology such as Google Earth Engine allow us to achieve an unprecedented understanding of our changing environment and put this data into the hands of those who can take action. Combined with Google Earth’s new narrative storytelling tool, grassroots activists, communities and other environmental change-makers can now vividly show what’s at stake, and envision solutions in ways that can change hearts and minds, while guiding wiser decision-making to protect and restore our vast, fragile planet.

Past CCBioneers attendees may remember that Rebecca Moore traveled to San Luis Obispo for the 2013 Central Coast Bioneers Conference and co-presented with Santa Margarita Proud activist Charlie Kleemann about his successful use of Google Earth Outreach to help crush the proposed Las Pilitas Quarry.  Since it appears that horrific project is rearing its ugly head in our community again, it’s a great time to get reacquainted with tools we can use to defeat it.

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