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Reinventing Fire

Amory Lovins’ talk, Reinventing Fire, will be streamed in live to the CCB Conference on Saturday October 16th. As one of the most important thinkers on the globe when it comes to energy efficiency, it will be a true honor to hear Lovins speak. The talk is named after his newest book, Reinventing Fire, which provides a groundbreaking blueprint for how the U.S. can transition from oil and coal to renewables by 2050.

Named by Times Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, Lovins has received countless prizes for his work. He and his ex-wife, Hunter, founded the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) in 1982. RMI is an educational foundation and hub for groundbreaking nonprofit research on efficient use of resources. The Institute has two locations in Colorado and focuses on the strategic transition form coal and oil to renewable and restorative energy.

It is deeply relieving and inspiring to know there are people who are envisioning a healthy planet and implementing an ingenious and realistic plan to do so. Eric Veium, a local team leader for RESCO (Renewable Energy Secure Community) here in San Luis Obispo, is looking forward to Lovins’ streamed talk. “Amory is an innovator, systems thinker, and challenges our underlying assumptions. We are exploring a lot of his ideas locally with RESCO – how to create resilience, independence, and security at the community and world level,” says Veium.

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