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Report from Sierra Leone – Wi Yone Plastik

Wi Yone Plastik, a program sponsored by Ecologistics to eradicate plastic waste in Sierra Leone, Africa, has been hard at work all summer.  They reached their fundraising goal of $46,500 to support the Plastik Managers through June 2023.  The first cohort of Plastik Managers in Tihun, Sogbini Chiefdom completed their 30 hours of training in June 2022, and are collecting plastic waste, giving health talks and encouraging behavior change.  The program expanded to Motuo, Kpanda Kemo Chiefdom in July 2022, and as of August 19, the managers have collected over 750 pounds of plastic waste.  Phase 2 of Wi Yone Plastik’s program will be to work with chiefdom authorities to select a location for the recycling facility, where the plastic will be made into building material.  This program is all female-run.

Great work, Phoebe Edalatpour and Team!  More information at wiyoneplastik.org.

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