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San Luis Obispo City Council Supports Carbon Fee and Dividend Proposal

San Luis Obispo Citizens' Climate Lobby Group Photo

San Luis Obispo Citizens’ Climate Lobby Chapter

On March 15, the San Luis Obispo City Council took a positive step towards protecting the climate and economy by unanimously approving a resolution in support of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal.

The resolution, introduced by the San Luis Obispo Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapter, is the first of its kind on the California Central Coast and the third in California.

The resolution “requests that the United States Congress immediately enact legislation and the United States President sign into law a national revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend program.”

The Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal would help account for the true cost of fossil fuel emissions and encourage investment in clean renewable energy sources by:

  • Placing a steadily rising carbon fee on fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) imposed upstream at the mine, well, or port of entry.
    Giving the revenue from the carbon fee back to households via a monthly dividend.
    Discouraging businesses from relocating production to countries with more permissive greenhouse emissions via a border adjustment.

Visit the San Luis Obispo Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapter Facebook page to learn more.

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