A Deeper Focus


Six tracks featured at the Central Coast Bioneers conference this year

Eco-science, Social & Environmental Activism, Food & Farming, Women’s Leadership, Eco-nomics and Restoring Ecosystems are the major topic areas to be featured at the 2013 Central Coast Bioneers Conference, which will take place October 25-27 at the Monday Club. Fifteen workshops will enlighten, entertain and inspire you on issues such as Indian forest management and traditional ecological knowledge, biomimicry applied to our thinking minds, using Google Earth for environmental conservation and human rights, nanotechnology and growing nutrient dense food. Field trips will visit ocean friendly gardens, the Life Lab at Laureate School, the Ranch and green businesses. Keynote speaker and poet Drew Dellinger will tell us about Dr. Martin Luther King’s cosmology of connection. iFixit will host a Repair Cafè and small farmers will have a chance for some free consultation on access to capital. Registration for the conference opens soon so keep watching our e-newsletters.

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