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SLO Beaver Brigade up next on Facebook Live

On our next episode of Ecologistics Presents: Incubation Station:  Take a walk along the Salinas River in summer.  It’s dusty and hot.  Then step into a beaver pond and it turns cool, green, lush with cattails and filled with frogs and birdsongs.  Beavers do much for the ecosystem, biodiversity and wildfire control, yet they are considered pests in California.  Audrey Taub of the SLO Beaver Brigade will make us smarter about what her organization is doing to promote and protect the beavers who live quietly among us.

Date: Thursday, April 1

Time: 6:30-7:00 pm PDT

Log into your FB account and search for Ecologistics.  Once  you’re on our page you will see the livestream at the top.  You can click the comment button to ask questions.

One of our missions here at Ecologistics is to act as an incubator for environmental and social justice startups.  We do this through our fiscal sponsorship program.  Fiscal sponsorship is an IRS-approved way of accepting tax-deductible donations from supporters of your project via an already established charitable organization.  We incubate activism in many forms: documentary filmmaking, biodiversity protection, nature education, conservation, racial justice, and inclusivity.  Each month on this program we will feature one of the sponsored changemakers taking on these important issues.

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  1. Name*Lee Clark

    I know you have a hike to a beaver site coming up this coming weekend. I would like to go with you. Could you please give me some information: which day, where to gather, what time, how long, whom to contact, etc.? Lee Clark (805) 234-2639 or forslolee@yahoo.com

    1. Stacey Hunt

      Hi, Lee. Our beaver walk was part of the Central Coast Bioneers Conference and took place on Feb. 25. That will be the only one Ecologistics is doing but you can check with the SLO Beaver Brigade about future hikes they will be doing. slobeaverbrigade@gmail.com

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