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Successful Benefit Dinner for Pete Schwartz

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, fifty guests gathered in a lively celebration of Pete Schwartz’s work. Pete was a presenter at the 2010 Bioneers Conference where he lectured on Appropriate Technology: Solutions for Abroad and at Home. The dinner benefited his Guateca Project, a venture bringing education and sustainable technology to San Pablo, Guatemala.

The dinner was an exquisite combination of Executive Chef Corey King’s fine cuisine and wine donated by Kenneth Volk Vineyards. Everyone was so engaged in conversation, the dinner went longer than expected. Talented guitarist Jeffrey Peters played the extra time!

When everyone simply couldn’t eat another bite, Pete took his audience on a photographic journey. Pete and 12 students made the project’s first trip to San Pablo during winter break. Through a virtual tour of the village, this exceptional Bioneer outlined hopes and plans for the project’s future.

Ecologistics warmly thanks not only everyone who attended, but also those generous people who couldn’t attend but sent donations. We will continue to follow Pete’s progress as Guateca moves forward.

More funds are needed for Guateca Summer School project materials, defraying student tuition costs, supporting our English instructor in San Pablo, and paying our project facilitator. Please click http://appropriatetechnology.wikispaces.com/Donations for information on making further donations.

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