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Sustainable design company ConsciousBuild to exhibit at 2012 CCBioneers Conference

Central Coast Bioneers encourages people to explore their passion, talent, and find solutions to our problems. Victoria Carranza, the 2011 Central Coast Bioneers recipient of the Anne McMahon Scholarship, is a Bioneer who is defining herself as a progressive member of the community while creating her livelihood.

Victoria will be joined by other representatives of local company ConsciousBuild Inc. at this year’s Central Coast Bioneers conference Green Marketplace. She will be highlighting ConsciousBuild’s recent work in our community and abroad. ConsciousBuild “is a company dedicated to bringing environmentally and economically sustainable design and construction services to private and public clients around the world.” ConsciousBuild pushes the message of sustainable design not only in the realm of domestic housing, but also for at-risk populations such as homeless, mentally handicapped, and troubled youth. Their projects range from California to Connecticut and Haiti to West Africa.

Victoria has recently returned to SLO County from Ghana, West Africa, where she studied the infrastructure of developing countries. While in Ghana she worked with ConsciousBuild on a project for an organization building a boarding school for at-risk African-American youth. As an environmental management and planning student, Victoria is supporting the team by contributing to an interdisciplinary team of designers that recognize the power of collaborative planning.

ConsciousBuild empowers its team to thrive in their expertise. Team members are placed in positions not simply to fill them, but to fulfill a natural expression of what members want to accomplish with their own lives. ConsciousBuild encourages their team members in individual pursuits in the arena of healthy living and sustainability.

ConsciousBuild’s projects are a unique representation of their intention to “Do Good” for the planet, not just for the sake of building. ConsciousBuild invites everyone to explore their studio at their Open House- “Arch After Dark: Architecture and Art” – on Friday, October 5th at 6pm during the Art After Dark Celebration in San Luis Obispo. The ConsciousBuild office is located at 1239 Garden Street. Refreshments will be provided.

Written by Victoria Carranza and ConsciousBuild, Inc.

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