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Welcome Climate Words

Lexicon [ lek-si-kon, -kuhn ]  noun

The vocabulary of a particular language, field, social class, person, etc.

Recognizing that a new language is emerging  with the growing challenges of the climate crisis, a team of amazing young advocates has created Climate Words, a new organization sponsored by Ecologistics.  Their mission is to provide accessible climate education for everyone, focusing on climate language, by building a new online lexicon of climate words, terms and ideas, including associated texts, resources and images.

Leading scientists, authors, activists, policy-makers and thinkers in the climate movement are invited to pick the word that is most important to their work and define it in their own words. The project brings an element of story-telling to climate communication.  Each word is accompanied by an associated image and a short essay delving into the research behind the idea. The project will continue to branch into diverse categories, becoming more detailed and extensive as it grows.

The finished product will be a free, searchable and user-friendly website, which works like an online dictionary for climate words. The website is a database that documents climate solutions, portraying a cross-section of inspiring leaders in an interdisciplinary range of fields, creating an online community of informed climate optimists.

Check out their web site here: https://climatewords.org/ and consider making a donation to these talented young climate activists.

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