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Workshop: The Discipline of Peace: Jean Stumpf

The First Peace Circle HandbookThis experiential workshop led by Jean Stumpf (also known as Zardoya Eagles) will guide us in meditation, storytelling, and a discussion of First Peace. This primary stage is the peace within ourselves. Stumpf draws on wisdom from the Discipline of Peace, a world foundation to increase peace, developed over time with roots in indigenous Mayan and pre-Mayan cultures. Sharing techniques to access our inner peace, Stumpf will teach us how to return to this place especially in hectic times. As a group we will explore how to create a peaceful society and live in serenity.

Stumpf is a “seed planter” for the World Foundation for the Discipline of Peace. Stumpf studied various traditions of indigenous earth wisdom, yoga, and meditation for 25 years. Her strength is in teaching practical techniques to cultivate waking up to our true selves and powerful potential. She is also a Clinical Nurse Consultant and author.

Donna Helete of Outside Now Academy in San Luis Obispo, attended a weekend Discipline of Peace workshop with Jean Stumpf and Cathy Churchill in Los Osos earlier this year. “I’ve been to many different workshops over the years,” Helete said, “and the Discipline of Peace workshop helped me embody peace at a deep level as a result of the experiential exercises that go along with each of the eight principles of peace. For weeks after the workshop, I could feel the principles sinking in on a cellular level, not just an intellectual level. I’ve never had that profound experience with any other workshop before.”

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