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Without Bioneers, the 30-year strong organization that leads the way with breakthrough solutions for people and planet, there would be no Central Coast Bioneers.  Every day, through its programs, events, radio show, videos, articles and newsletters, Bioneers leads the discussion on indigeneity, women’s leadership, ecological innovations, food and farming, justice, and youth activism.  The Bioneers Radio Show airs locally on KCBX 90.1 FM every Wednesday at 1:00 pm.  The Bioneers Pulse newsletter is a premium collection of information and action regarding the world’s most pressing challenges, from environmental justice and indigenous rights to women’s leadership and ecological medicine. Created by Bioneers, an innovative nonprofit that highlights breakthrough solutions for restoring people and planet, each biweekly e-newsletter is filled with insights into the people, projects, and organizations creating lasting change in the world.  To subscribe to this free, enlightening publication, sign up here.  It’s time to get some good news coming into your in box for a change.

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