Board of Directors Alumni

Board of Directors Alumni

Alyssa Adams

Board Member Alumni

Alyssa is a student at Cal Poly, working on a Bachelor’s in City and Regional Planning and a minor in Environmental Studies. She has always been interested in public service, previously volunteering with organizations such as Arroyo Grande in Bloom and the Rotaract Club of Santa Cruz County. She likes to spend any free time she has reading or hiking.

Eric Berg-Johansen

Former Secretary

Erik is a Cal Poly alum and holds a Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning. He has worked in the public sector as a City Planner in both Oregon and California, and in the private sector as a project manager for a northwest-based civil engineering company.  Erik currently lives in SLO and works as a local Realtor and land use planning consultant.  When he’s out of the office, Erik enjoys home improvement projects, gardening, pickleball, and golf.   

Ted Hamilton

Board Member Alumni

Ted is a long-time conservation activist and organizer. His passions include backpacking, gardening, and writing. Ted has worked for the Sierra Club and served as a manager for the employee-owned company Bookpeople in Berkeley, CA. He has been inspired by the example of Arne Naess to live by the principles of Deep Ecology.

Daniel Levi

Former Director

Daniel Levi is an environmental psychologist who has been a professor at Cal Poly for over 30 years. He teaches courses in environmental psychology, teamwork, organizational behavior, and the psychology of technology. His varied environmental research interests include perception of environmental quality, human responses to hazards, ecotourism and the value of nature, historic preservation and managing sacred places, and promoting environmentally responsible actions.

Linda Poppenheimer

Former Secretary and Treasurer

Linda spent several decades working in the ranks of corporate America before moving to the Central Coast of California and becoming a literal treehugger. She quit her job and now owns and writes for Green Groundswell. Linda’s mission is to persuade other unlikely environmentalists like her to live more lightly on the Earth.

Green Groundswell

Tori Poppenheimer

Director Alumni

Tori is a nature lover, engineer, and geek girl. For a living, she designs commercial lighting fixtures using leading edge, highly energy efficient technology. Tori’s passion is to work locally on a grassroots level to stop development of fossil fuel infrastructure projects. She co-founded and and is active in

Amanda Smith

Board Member Alumni

Ecologistics Board of Directors alumnus Amanda Smith is the owner of Abalone Coast Analytical, a local lab specializing in microbiology and general chemistry on all types of water. Amanda earned her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and then earned an M.S. from the University of California, Riverside. After graduating from college, Amanda took a position with University of Idaho in Twin Falls doing pesticide residue analysis. She missed California, so in 2007 she moved to the Central Coast and opened Abalone Coast Analytical. “Local community and sustainability are very important to me,” says Amanda, “and I am always looking for places to volunteer my time and resources to this cause.”