Incubation Station

Ecologistics Presents: Incubation Station. 

One of our missions here at Ecologistics is to act as an incubator for environmental and social justice startups.  Our slogan is “When gamechangers are supported they can change the game.”   We incubate activism in many forms: documentary film making, biodiversity protection, nature education, conservation, racial justice, and inclusivity.  Each month on this program we will feature one of the sponsored organizations taking on these important issues.

When:  First Thursday of each month, 6:30-7:00 pm Pacific Time

Where:  On the Ecologistics home page or go to your Facebook page and search for Ecologistics

What you’ll come away with:  Renewed excitement in important causes, inspired by the great work being done locally and around the country by dedicated changemakers.

Click on this link to see recordings of past interviews.

Featured organizations to date:

March 2021 – Brittany App, “Where There Once Was Water”

April 2021 – Audrey Taub, SLO Beaver Brigade

May 2021 – Kermit Komm, Paso Robles Food Coop

June 2021 – Kelly Reed Daulton, Templeton Heritage Oak Foundation

July 2021 – Adrienne Garcia Specht and Jane Lehr from Central Coast Coalition for Undocumented Student Success

September 2021 – Courtney Haile of R.A.C.E. Matters 

October 2021 – Kristen Hazard and Kelly Fisher from the San Luis Obispo Climate Coalition.

November 2021 – Nick Alter, Allene Villa and Bonnie Ernst of Oceano Economic Development Council

January 2022 – Stacey Hunt of Ecologistics discusses the upcoming 2022 Central Coast Bioneers Conference

May 27, 2023 – Andrea Wasko and Meaghan Gilbert of Economics of Being a Woman 

June 03, 2023 – Valentin Abend and Pamela EA. of Climate Words