Fiscal Sponsorship

When gamechangers are supported they can change the game.

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

Do you have a new program you want to launch and pilot before investing time and resources into a formal nonprofit corporation? Do you need to secure donations or grants for a community project but do not want to jump through the hoops of becoming a 501(c)(3)? Are you a for-profit corporation that wants to start a charitable program?

If you answered yes to one of the questions above, fiscal sponsorship might be for you. Fiscal sponsorship is an IRS approved way of accepting tax-deductible donations for your organization or project via an already established 501(c)(3) organization.

Fiscal Sponsorship with Ecologistics®

As one way to promote environmental and social justice activism, Ecologistics® acts as a fiscal sponsor for organizations and projects that align with our corporate purposes.

Ecologistics® is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation, meaning donations made to Ecologistics® are tax-deductible.

Fiscal sponsorship through Ecologistics® can meet the requirements of foundations that require grant funds go to an established tax-exempt entity. Fiscal sponsorship can also allow individual donors to take a tax deduction, while still supporting your organization or project.

There is a small shared administrative charge to cover the costs of managing fiscal sponsorship contracts and funds.

Benefits of Fiscal Sponsorship with Ecologistics®

  • Regulatory and Tax Compliance
  • Donation and Foundation Funding Tax Deductibility
  • Secure Online Credit Card Transactions
  • Banking Services
  • Project and Organizational Consulting
  • Collaboration Opportunities
  • Promotion on Ecologistics® Website

What People Are Saying

Ecologistics provided all Bank Climate Advocates needed from a fiscal sponsor to help enable successful implementation of our mission, and under the fairest cost arrangement out there clearly structured to prioritize success of sponsored projects. Working with their efficient, responsive, professional, congenial, and passionate public interest team is a pleasure and has benefited our efforts to greatly improve the climate change policies and practices of financial institution.

Jason Weiner, Executive Director, Bank Climate Advocates

Ecologistics, Inc. came to support South SLO County Womenade as a fiscal sponsor at a very critical time in our development. SLO Womenade had closed down at the end of 2018. The South SLO County mission is to meet unmet urgent needs of families and individuals which are not met by other means in south SLO County. We wanted to keep it going in south SLO County but had little time to get things organized. We contacted Ecologistics in February, and they kindly offered to fiscally sponsor us for three years to give us time to get organized and determine what our long term strategy would be. They were a terrific help to us as we figured out our path. Fortunately we were able to set up as our own 501(c)(3) at the end of October of 2019. Many families and individuals in south SLO County were helped during these 8 months through funds we raised and that Ecologistics distributed for us to our partner organizations. Having a 501(c)(3) behind us was crucial to attract donors. We are so grateful to Stacey Hunt, president, and her group at Ecologistics for giving us the chance to continue Womenade’s mission in south SLO County.

Rosemary Cleaves

Ecologistics is the backbone of Poly Canyon Ventures. Their amazing team has accelerated our mission by serving as our fiscal sponsor, helping us find a key team member, and connecting us with the resources we need to grow our reach. Our team is inspired by their unwavering commitment to helping develop an environmentally and economically sustainable Central Coast. We see the impact they are making firsthand and we highly recommend supporting and/or working with their team.

Nathan Johnson, Board Chair, Poly Canyon Ventures

Ecologistics’ fiscal sponsorship program made starting our non-profit simple and inexpensive. The low fees were well worth the ability to start operating and test the waters at a small scale without full procedural requirements of by-laws and articles of incorporation. I would certainly recommend it as an option.

Anne Wyatt, Program Coordinator, HomeShare SLO

Thank you for your incredible support all the way through.  I am so incredibly grateful for your team.

Brittany App, Where There Once Was Water

“Ecologistics has been wonderful for R.A.C.E. Matters, especially during our recent growth. Their fiscal sponsorship has allowed us to take our time to develop, while feeling confident with their financial oversight.”

Courtney Haile

The Central Coast Coalition for Undocumented Student Success (CCC-USS) is a collective of advocates and educators that challenges anti-immigrant and oppressive ideologies, institutional practices, and everyday actions that threaten undocumented and historically marginalized communities. Through our fiscal sponsorship, Ecologistics, Inc. has empowered CCC-USS to remain an all-volunteer organization focused on direct support of the undocumented community. We are able to apply for grants and solicit tax deductible donations as well as offer our donors a simple and safe means to give online. We have the flexibility to fulfill our purpose while relying on Ecologistics’ expertise to provide the fiscal infrastructure and management we need to thrive. With this support we remain focused on our ability to create social change to ensure educational equity for all students and build capacity to support undocumented students in our region thereby creating a more healthy and just community. Thank you, Ecologistics!

Central Coast Coalition for Undocumented Student Success (CCC-USS) Steering Committee

Everybody Reads–SLO needed access to nonprofit 501c3 status to better fulfill its mission of providing scholastically appropriate reading materials to underserved school communities in San Luis Obispo, Northern Santa Barbara and Southern Monterey Counties. We found a perfect partner through fiscal sponsorship under Ecologistics.

Low overhead, minimal reporting paperwork, accessible staff, speedy reimbursements of itemized billings and thoughtful advice on grant applications make Ecologistics ideal for a regionally centered, environmentally oriented operation like Everybody Reads–SLO.

Liz and Dan Krieger, Everybody Reads–SLO

I am immensely grateful for the exceptional support provided by Ecologistics. As someone new to the nonprofit sector, choosing to work under the fiscal sponsorship of Ecologistics has proven to be invaluable. Working with Stacey and her dedicated team has been a remarkable experience, providing me with the necessary guidance to explore the extent of my organization’s potential without the overwhelming burden of establishing a 501(c)(3) right away.

What initially drew me to Ecologistics was their impressive collaboration with admired local organizations such as Community Roots Project, Race Matters, and Beaver Brigade. This not only heightened my trust in their mission but also reinforced my decision to join their network.

The communication with the Ecologistics team has been seamless. They are not only exceptionally skilled but also genuinely caring, making every interaction delightful. Their commitment to fostering community partnerships and supporting emerging nonprofits is evident and deeply appreciated.

I am thankful to have the opportunity to grow my organization with such a reliable and supportive partner like Ecologistics. I look forward to continuing our journey together and cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone looking to make a meaningful impact in the nonprofit world.

Michelle Barrera, at her table SLO

If you are interested in talking with Ecologistics® about fiscal sponsorship, please call us at (805) 548-0597 or e-mail us at

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