Pneuma Melodies – Brynn Albanese

The art and science of providing therapeutic music for body, mind & spirit.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

~Maya Angelou

Pneuma, “air in motion, breath, wind”
The vital spirit, soul, or creative force of a person.

Hello, I am Brynn Albanese, a Concert Violinist, a Certified Music Practitioner and an End of Life Doula.

I am a graduate of the Music for Healing & Transition Program and the International End of Life Doula Association 

I provide Certified Therapeutic Music Sessions by the bedside in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and memory care centers in and around the Central Coast of California and far beyond. I believe with the presence of “complementary care” in our medical facilities, the face of our local healthcare system will change for the better and have a tremendous social impact on the community.

“Complementary care and conventional allopathic medicine together = treating the Whole Person. Body, Mind & Spirit.”

What is a CMP?

A graduate of MHTP is called a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP).  This specially-trained musician provides live acoustic music at bedside, one-on-one, for therapeutic purposes. A CMP’s work is focused on the patient with the aim of bringing in-the-moment comfort to the patient’s whole being—emotional, spiritual, mental, and physiological—simply by having the patient be in the presence of the music. 

A CMP uses only live music and has no goal other than addressing a patient’s immediate needs to provide a healing environment.

The work of MHTP Music Practitioners offers a complementary health approach within the spectrum of conventional allopathic medicine.

My work is patient-centered and encompasses every aspect of healing. My primary goal is to improve the quality of life and sense of well-being of each individual patient as well as their family members and staff. Bringing music into these facilities and seeing it thrive as part of the normal environment and culture of each entity is a long term goal of this project.

Brynn Albanese, Certified Music Practitioner & End of Life Doula
Brynn Albanese, Certified Music Practitioner
& End of Life Doula

What is it that I do? I play the Violin and Native American Style Flutes I am Certified in how to use live music therapeutically by:

  1. Applying the intrinsic elements of live music to meet an individual patient’s condition, in the moment
  2. Being able to change what and how I am playing according to the patient’s needs
  3. Meeting each person which the utmost respect, dignity and grace
  4. Understanding and applying Heart-Centered Awareness and entrainment
  5. Understanding the power of silence
  6. Scientifically using appropriate types of music to play/sing for specific conditions of individual patients
  7. Providing a calming environment for not only the patients but their families, nurses, doctors and staff

Supporting a social impact project such as mine will cast a very wide net for both myself and Ecologistics. With the mission in mind, being able to say that I am a CMP (Certified Therapeutic Music Practitioner) and End of Life Doula from Ecologistics, makes sense to me. It helps to create a resilient and healthy medical community as well as a collaboration that did not exist before.

My project provides information, encourages collaboration, generates conversation, inspires action, and engages the community. 

If you wish to donate by check, please mail a check made out to Ecologistics and put “Pneuma Melodies” in the memo line. Mail Checks to: Ecologistcs, 633 Ramona Ave., Space 103, Los Osos, CA 93402


Being a CMP in San Luis Obispo County: To my knowledge, there is no other Certified Music Practitioner with my qualifications that provides these services in any of the local Hospitals in San Luis Obispo County.  My Mission: I want to be able to offer Therapeutic Music to all facilities. I do not want anyone or any facility to miss out on this game-changing opportunity to offer their patients and staff an avenue of healing and complementary care that they have not experienced before.

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