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Deep Ecology Collaboratory

Date: October 21-23, 2016

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Rancho El Chorro Conference and Retreat CenterLocation: Rancho El Chorro Conference
and Retreat Center San Luis Obispo, California

A fusion of “collaboration” and “laboratory”, a collaboratory is an open creative process where a group of people work together to generate solutions to complex problems.

The 3-day Deep Ecology Collaboratory takes place October 21-23, 2016 at the Rancho El Chorro Conference and Retreat Center, which sits on a beautiful 250-acre nature reserve in the heart of San Luis Obispo County and within easy access of hotels and restaurants.

The Deep Ecology Collaboratory brings together people from all facets of civil society to learn, share ideas, and take action to change our lives and cultures to ensure continued life on Earth for people and all other living things.

Participants will address the biodiversity crisis, human population overshoot, climate change, industrial agriculture, and globalization through the lens of Deep Ecology principles, which recognizes the inherent value of all living things. Everyone will have an opportunity to contribute to the Rancho El Chorro Manifesto containing policies, legislation, and public engagement solutions documented during the Collaboratory. Afterwards, people interested in continuing to work together may sign up for Loomio, an online collaboration and decision-making tool, courtesy of Ecologistics.

Collaboratory Topic Leaders Include:

  • Bill McKibben – author, educator, and founder of 350.org (via Skype)
  • Eileen Crist – educator and co-editor of Gaia in Turmoil and Life on the Brink
  • Jerry Mander – Founder of the International Forum on Globalization and Program Director at the Foundation for Deep Ecology
  • Dave Foreman – co-founder of the Wildlands Project and author of Man Swarm and the Killing of Wildlife
  • Stephanie Mills – lecturer, activist, and author of Whatever Happened to Ecology?
  • William Ryerson – founder and President of Population Media Center
  • Joe Bish – Director of Issue Advocacy at Population Media Center
  • Derrick Jensen – Founding member of Deep Green Resistance and author of Endgame

Ecologistics is seeking individuals, companies, and organizations interested in sponsoring the Deep Ecology Collaboratory and being part of the solution. Please contact as 805.548.0597 or at info@ecologistics.org.

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