A Deeper Focus


Announcing Ecologistics – the Podcast, where we question the status quo

In July 2018, we ran into old friend and concert promoter James Davis, who had launched a podcasting studio up in Atascadero.  That was when the seed was planted to launch our own podcast series, featuring the amazing people we have met in our work through Ecologistics and Central Coast Bioneers.  Fast forward a year later and we are ready to launch our first episode, Gross National Happiness – Measuring Well-Being with Contentment Instead of Money, with guest Kinga Tshering.  For those of you who missed our Gross National Happiness Conference last month, you can now hear Kinga talk about how the idea started in Bhutan and is now spreading around the world.

We will be introducing a new episode weekly for the next three months, so stay tuned and watch our web site and Facebook page for information and new additions


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