2020 Central Coast Bioneers Conference Exhibitors List

805 Botanicals – Earth-based health and beauty products for the whole family.


Biodiversity First! – Working to preserve and protect the wild lands and species upon which we depend for our own physical and spiritual survival.


Citizen’s Climate Lobby – empowering everyday people to work together on climate change solutions


ECOSLO – the Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo educates, advocates, and acts to protect the natural environment and human well-being of SLO County


Greening Los Osos – Greening Los Osos is a grassroots community organization created to preserve, maintain and enhance our tree population both on public and private lands.


Heart and Soil Farms – We produce nutrient-dense food, global ethnobotanical seeds and educational programs on a model holistic farm


One Cool Earth – We create awesome school garden programs that power healthy, happy, and smart youth!


Mothers for Peace – a non-profit organization concerned with the dangers posed by Diablo Canyon and other nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons, and radioactive waste. 


Protect Scenic 101 – Protecting SLO County scenic views along the Highway 101 corridor by retiring billboards.


Friends of the International Permaculture Convergences (FIPC) – Permaculture is built upon the ethic of caring for the earth and interacting with the environment in mutually beneficial ways.


SLO Food Co-Op – SLO Food Co-op’s mission is to empower health and wellbeing in our community by providing quality products and exceptional customer service.


SLO Food System Coalition – Working to build a sustainable food system that is resilient, equitable, profitable, and health-promoting.


SLO Seed Exchange – San Luis Obispo Seed Exchange exists to encourage the practice of cultivating and saving seeds.


Slow Money SLO – investing in our local food systems


SmartShare Housing Solutions – HomeShareSLO, Tiny House Consulting, Co-living Collaborative: three programs, one goal – to create more safe, affordable housing and empower our community.


SunWork Renewable Energy Projects – SunWork’s mission is to help make solar more affordable and wide spread with the help of trained volunteers.


Surfrider Foundation San Luis Obispo – The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network.


Templeton Heritage Tree Foundation – The Templeton Heritage Tree Foundation is an education-based community organization created to preserve and restore Templeton’s valley oak woodland and urban forest with tree planting, community engagement, and advocacy for legacy and heritage oaks.

Volumes of Pleasure Bookshoppe – an eclectic store carrying a wide variety of books, gifts, jewelry, spiritual and holistic supplies.