A Deeper Focus


At the 2017 CCBioneers Conference: Lessons from the Forest – How Trees Communicate and Help Each Other

Visionary ecologist Suzanne Simard has made extraordinary discoveries about the hidden life of forests: how trees, in symbiotic relationship with fungal mycelia, exchange information, nutrients and water in shared underground networks that make them far more resilient to threats and stressors such as climate disruption. As a professor of Forest Ecology at the University of British Columbia, her cutting-edge, rigorous research offers us profound ecological parables about what forests can teach us about community, cooperation and mutual aid.  Suzanne’s recorded talk from the 2017 National Bioneers Conference will be shown Saturday morning November 4 at the Central Coast Bioneers Conference.  For more information about the conference or to register, go to www.ecologistics.org.

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