A Deeper Focus


2020 Vision Central Coast Bioneers inspires poem

We keep getting great feedback about the 2020 conference.   Attendee and volunteer Paulette Messenheimer was inspired by the conference to write a poem.

Green Dealing

We are dreaming

a time for meaning

Names for  free

need to be:


when we walk,

the way we talk

about our world


Children learn how

when we show them

time and again

be part of a crew

what to, and not, to do


PLANTS and food

grown ORGANIC goal


Reverse GLOBAL warming

floods and fires swarming

Days and weeks past

will our EARTH last?


Turn back

Huge impact

local gas emissions

and horrid conditions!


All UNITED Together

Scientist language & Weather

Bring on solutions

With resolutions


Communication and demonstration CLEAR

Not in fear

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