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Almost ready – a step toward world peace with One Global Democracy

For the past several months, I’ve been working my tail off with an incredibly talented team, working pro-bono, to create a short video about how we can fix our broken world, together.  Your support for this project is critical.

With our world coming apart at the seams, it’s vital that we begin telling a new, uplifting story of where we’re going as a global human family.  One Global Democracy is a huge idea — an audacious moonshot goal that can bring people together and help instill hope again.  Written words really don’t do it justice.  So we’re making a video.  It’s truly powerful, and I know you’ll be moved when you see it.

Our team of industry professionals has been working on the video for months: Jacob, our editor and motion designer.  Dennis, our director.  Maya, our marketing whiz.  Stellar, our tireless list scrubber.  Achim, our other great motion designer.  Beth, our social media guru.  Jason, our web guy, and Mara, a top voice-over talent, have just signed on pro-bono as well.

I realize this concept may sound naively utopian.  But with all the awful threats we face, now is the time to start telling a new, positive story of our shared future that can get people excited and motivated again.  So that’s what we’re setting out to do, with your support.

Over the years, I’ve had a high-level, inside view of how political change happens in America.  (As you probably remember, I was the founding Executive Director at MoveOn.)  An idea generates a conversation.  A conversation builds into a movement.  A movement can win real changes.  In fact, only a movement can.

It’s time to build a new movement now, for the future we want to see.  Together, we really can do this.

– Peter Schurman

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