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Bright Ice Initiative – preserving glacial ice while doing no harm

Global temperatures are on the rise. The long-predicted consequences of climate change are happening today, claiming lives, homes, and livelihoods. One of the most devasting effects of warming is glacial melt.  Bright Ice Initiative is focused on increasing the reflectivity of ice to slow the disastrous impact of glacial melting. Working in regions of critical need, Bright Ice’s approach is to co-develop and evaluate solutions with and for communities living under the greatest threat, offering hope to them and ultimately, to the planet.  By interrupting the harmful cycle of the melting/warming process and restoring reflectivity to key sections of glacial ice, it is possible to slow temperature rise, sea level rise, and the loss of ecosystems and species.  Bright Ice founder Dr. Leslie Field will explain the organization’s safe, simple solutions to inhibit glacial melting by adding a safe, reflective material to the surface of dirty ice and water to brighten it.  Bright Ice Initiative is a sponsored organization of Ecologistics and we are delighted to have Dr. Field in person to present this critical science to us at the 2023 Central Coast Bioneers Conference.  Click here for more information about Dr. Field and to register for the conference.

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