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CCB E-Zine Editor Graduates from Quail Springs Permaculture Program

CCBioneers Bioneers E-zine editor Alycia Kiley, inspired by after learning about the program at the Central Coast Bioneers Conference, enrolled in Quail Springs’ Permaculture Design Course, taught by the amazing Warren Brush. Alycia attended the program from October 30-November 14, living at Quail Springs for the entire two weeks.

“I found it an incredibly powerful experience,” says Alycia.”It was what I call deep learning because our teachers are actually living what they were teaching us.”  A typical day of learning began at 8:00 with the ringing of the breakfast bell.”We gathered in the commons, and a fire had been built,” says Alycia.”After an abundant breakfast we began our classwork at 9:00.”  Afterwards, the students did hands on work, building swales, mixing cob foundations, and even observing the killing of a chicken in a sacred way. The program included instruction on water systems, soil systems, and large and small scale permaculture solutions.”What most impressed me,” commented Alycia, “was that the 30 people in this class took the time to step out of their regular lives and learn information that will help us face critical issues in the world today.”

Since coming home, Alycia has created a worm bin, baked her own bread, made yogurt, and is planting an herb garden.”We just touched the surface of a new way of life in the class,” she says. She is doing further study in permaculture on her own and wants to link up with people starting permaculture projects. Her eventual goal is to own her own land to create a demonstration project.

Good luck, Alycia, and thanks for walking the talk!

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