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Date : 5th Nov to 10th Nov

Healthy Climate Initiative in collaboration with Climate Foundation, Climformatics, Indigenous People’s Climate Justice Forum, and several other organizations is hosting a Save The Glaciers global concert to raise funds and awareness for a planet-cooling mission & slow down glacial melt in the Himalayas.  The concert will be broadcast online for 2 hours each day from November 5 to 10 and live on November 10, 2022. Please visit for details: https://www.healthyclimateinitiative.org/concert.aspx

The registration link for the concert is https://forms.gle/1C43HpHnoorjdiyy8. Please join the concert and spread the word.  We need millions to come forward to save our glaciers.

The Save The Glaciers Concert is a global conservation celebration where we use the universal language of music and art to showcase the incredible work of leading conservationists and organizations from around the world. By highlighting solutions to get us back into balance with our planet, we hope to flip the current narrative about climate change and conservation from blame, anger, and doom to balance, positivity, and hope.

One of the beneficiaries of the concert is Bright Ice Initiative, a member of Ecologistics’ family of sponsored organizations.   Please sign up for the concert and share with your friends!

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