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Climate Solutions NOW virtual conference October 26-28

The climate crisis needs people with YOUR skills and YOUR interests to solve it. The Initiative for Climate Leadership and Resilience at Cal Poly presents: Climate Solutions NOW

Find out how to get involved at Climate Solutions Now and get prepared for a career in the renewable economy.

60 Expert speakers from industry, federal & local government, and academia, including:

Environmental Defense Fund  ▪  US Dept of Energy  ▪  US EPA  ▪  World Resources Institute  ▪  cBrain  ▪  Boeing  ▪  Joby Aviation  ▪  Doroni Aerospace  ▪  Aurora Aerospace  ▪  Orbis Wheels  ▪  Metro Link Trains  ▪  VPorts  ▪  Sarah Ray  ▪  Yale Climate Group  ▪  Franklin Energy  ▪  Fermata Energy  ▪  New Energy Economy  ▪  AC Asman  ▪  CSU Facilities  ▪  Clean Biomass Collective  ▪  Tolosa Winery  ▪ Tablas Creek Winery  ▪  and many more

Talks and discussions in 12 parallel tracks, including:

  • Data and Computing
  • Sustainable Aviation
  • Agriculture & Agribusiness
  • The Built Environment
  • Campus Facilities and Operations
  • Climate Communication
  • Policy
  • Energy Programs
  • Natural Solutions and Forest Carbon
  • Sciences and Geoengineering
  • Ground Transportation
  • Building Engagement

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