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Ecologistics board welcomes new member

Tori Poppenheimer

Cambria resident Tori Poppenheimer has joined the Board of Directors of Ecologistics, Inc. for a three-year term.

Tori graduated Cum laude from Arizona State University’s College of Architecture with a BS in Industrial Design in 1981.  In 2006, Tori formed her own design consulting firm, and together with her spouse Linda, whom she met in college, and their two teenage boys moved to Cambria. Tori currently works for Amerlux, an independent lighting manufacturer in New Jersey, consulting for them from her home. Amerlux’s mission is to develop both interior and exterior lighting fixtures that last longer, perform better and use far less energy than the competition.

After spending her entire career helping save energy in lighting, Tori became concerned with damage to the ecosystems from the energy consumption of our built world, mostly powered by fossil fuels. After watching “An Inconvenient Truth” and after her first Central Coast Bioneers conference, she was convinced that we as a species simply cannot afford not to do everything we possibly can to reduce our consumption, and carbon footprint.  A self-described “radical tree-hugger,” Tori has made changes in her lifestyle from eating local organic vegetarian food, traveling by train or bus instead of plane, and installing solar to fully power their home and her office and prototype shop. With a strong desire to take actions that promote food justice and environmental justice for all members of our biosphere, joining the Board of Ecologistics will afford many opportunities to contribute to projects that align with her beliefs. As a strong financial supporter of many environmental and justice organizations, such as 350.ORG, Sierra Club, Green Peace, Amnesty International, Food and Water Watch etc., Ecologistics provides a means to also take direct action on a local level.

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